Organic Calendula Nursing Balm *USDA Certified Organic

Organic Calendula Nursing Balm *USDA Certified Organic


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Moms love this Calendula Nursing Balm because you don't have to wash it off before putting your baby at the breast.

A must-have during the first months of breastfeeding when your nipples can feel a bit sore. Your baby is learning to breastfeed too. Our triple protection formula comforts and soothes painful irritations and helps heal chapped nipples, by making them more supple and resilient. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic; lanolin-free and most important 100% natural ingredients.

At A Glance:

  • healthier than lanolin which is often found in most nursing creams (lanolin is cheap refined derivative of the fat-like sebaceous secretion of sheep)
  • relieves sore and painful irritations
  • doula and midwife approved
  • unscented
  • FOOD GRADE ingredients only
  • recommended to use a few weeks before starting to nurse baby to prepare for arrival to help prevent dry/chapped, painful nipples.
  • easy roll-up tube, travel friendly, perfect to stash in a purse, diaper bag or backpack for quick and easy use
Apply to the nipple area 2-3 times per day to prep for arrival, then after every feeding or as often as needed once nursing has begun. Remember, no need to wash off before breastfeeding.